Pharmaceutical labelling for prefilled syringes - providing more than just information

Pre-filled syringes made of high-quality Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) have become a well-established alternative for administering drugs. Due to its properties and manufacturing process, COC is heavy metal and tungsten free and also exhibits low or no siliconization. However, the polymer also has a different E&L profile and a lower oxygen and gas barrier threshold than borosilicate glass, which increases the potential for drug interaction. These barrier properties are of concern when it comes to labeling. As adhesive labels are affixed directly to the container, there is a potential risk of adhesive migration into the polymer. This can be overcome by using functional labels, which even have the potential to enhance the primary packaging by adding specific functionalities –from overt or covert as well as analog and digital security features to effective first-opening indication - or specific protection through UV-blocking or enhanced gas barrier properties.