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Published on Tuesday, October 4, 2022

A paradigm shift in device development

In home care, devices for administering medications are becoming increasingly important. To ensure that pharmaceutical packaging meets the specific requirements of these devices as well as the drug and the administration process, SCHOTT Pharma develops individualized containers made of Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC). In this article, Tom van Ginneken discusses the advantages of polymer as a perfect fit for individualized containers.

More and more drugs are being administered in combination with a device to simplify the administration process for the patient. Until now, a device manufacturer had to create a new device around a container that was already on the market. 

SCHOTT Pharma offers the possibility to co-develop containers that perfectly fit a device – and not vice versa. Example: If a manufacturer wants to reduce the size of the wearable in order to administer the drug more discreetly to the patient, the manufacturer needs a container that matches the new dimensions. SCHOTT Pharma can assist here by providing an individualized container.

Tom van Ginneken, Head of Global Product Management for Polymer Solutions at SCHOTT Pharma
Tom van Ginneken, Head of Global Product Management Polymer Solutions
Individualized means that we co-create a container together with our customers around his existing device, such as a wearable or an auto-injector.

Device development without compromising its design

Owing to the collaboration between SCHOTT Pharma and the customer, it is possible – depending on specific requirements such as drug stability, filling and finishing requirements or compatibility with a device – to develop a container without compromising the device design.

COC polymer is used as the material of choice here. It offers several attractive advantages in the development of drug delivery systems, such as its glass-like appearance, physical stability and multiple design options. These properties make the material an ideal alternative for packaging certain pharmaceutical products.

The design flexibility which is given through the COC material is of great importance for the device development process. It ensures that the container is designed around the ergonomic device and that the development team does not have to compromise on the choice of container.

SCHOTT TOPPACĀ® unique containers

Manufactured using an advanced COC material for high break resistance, light weight, and transparency, SCHOTT TOPPACĀ® unique containers can be customized in volumes of 1-50 ml, and cartridges 1-20 ml. Customizable features include dimensions, lubrication, rubber components, syringe accessories, and secondary packaging.
SCHOTT TOPPAC® unique cartridges in a nest and tub
The targeted realization of an individualized COC container is about 15 months – from initial discussions to fully automated production. SCHOTT Pharma supports the customer in improving time-to-market through a four-step sampling process, starting with a 3D print to design freeze samples, to small-scale samples for human use, and to fully commercial, high-value samples. The customer quickly receives samples that can be used for either functional or registration testing. This means a reduction in financial and technical risk.

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High res Tom Van Ginneken (2022)
Tom Van Ginneken

Head of Global Product Management Polymer Solutions

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