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syriQ® Glass Syringes Ready-to-use prefillable glass syringes for vaccines

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syriQ® glass syringes: The all-in-one container and injection device for vaccines

SCHOTT Pharma is one of the leading companies developing high quality prefillable glass syringes with needle (PFS). A common FIOLAX® glass base combined with a deep understanding of syringe systems helps smooth the transition from vials to syringes.

The ready-to-use prefilled glass syringes (PFS) syriQ® ensure safety and efficiency by eliminating almost all drug injection preparation steps. Extensive options, including the proven syriQ® Rigid Cap (SRC) closure system, allow syriQ® to be perfectly tailored to individual vaccine requirements.

PFS syriQ® prefilled glass syrines are supported by continuous development programs to meet the needs of emerging drug technology platforms and customer-specific projects – from traditional inactivated vaccines to breakthrough mRNA solutions.


Optimum safety and convenience for patients with syriQ®

SCHOTT syriQ® glass syringe with needle PFS deliver safety and convenience to patients and healthcare providers.

They are ideal for storing and injecting a broad range of vaccines, including:

  • inactivated vaccines, such as those used against influenza

  • live-attenuated vaccines, such as the MMR combined vaccine

  • subunit, recombinant, polysaccharide, and conjugate vaccines, such as the HPV vaccine

  • breakthrough mRNA vaccines

syriQ® prefillable glass syringes can also be used in diluent applications.


Stable storage and easy processing

Offering stable storage and enhanced vaccine shelf life, syriQ® glass PFS are made of FIOLAX® Borosilicate Glass and offer a range of benefits.

  • Tight dimensional tolerances to ensure accurate filling and functionality.

  • Proven container closure integrity and reliable functionality of standard and emerging drug models down to -50 °C.

  • Delivered in standard nests as part of the SCHOTT iQ® platform for easy processing on standard filling lines.
  • Comprehensive portfolio, including pre-tested closure and plunger components, to support customization for drug and fill-and-finish requirements.

Icon Comprehensive Portfolio

Comprehensive solutions of prefillable glass syringe systems for a range of fill media, volume, component, and transport condition needs


Proven vaccine closure system syriQ® Rigid Cap (SRC) is an established standard for adapting to different patient populations

Icon Reliable Functionality

Excellent gliding performance and customized silicone profiles to meet individual requirement

Icon Cold Storage Minus 50

Container closure integrity, functionality, and controlled particulate levels suitable for low-temperature mRNA applications


syriQ®: your complete glass syringe system

  • High quality Type I FIOLAX® Borosilicate Glass container material.
  • Formats range from 0.5-3 ml with a variety of closure systems such as staked needle, Luer Cone, and Luer Lock with syriQ® Rigid Cap (SRC) or OVS® *.

  • Available as a complete system with plungers and plunger rods based on your requirements.

  • Packaged in a nest 100.

    * OVS® is a registered trademark of Vetter-Pharma International GmbH, Germany


Sterile Format

Available pre-sterilized in a ready-to-use format

syriQ® prefillable glass syringes with needle from SCHOTT Pharma are manufactured using a state-of-the-art, fully automated production process. The camera-controlled inspection delivers products with consistently high levels of functionality and low cosmetic defects for an efficient fill-and-finish process.

Ready-to-use syriQ® syringes in nest and tub packaging
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