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EVERIC® strong & smooth The perfect match for ultimate filling line performance

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Pharmaceutical glass vial with optimized geometrical strength and low-friction outer surface

During conventional bulk fill-and-finish processing, vials are constantly subjected to glass-to-glass contact and loads, resulting in increased cosmetic defects, a higher risk of breakage, and the potential for sticking and climbing during depyrogenation. The consequences of this continuous contact can be reduced line speed, higher final reject rates, downtimes, interruptions, and increased costs.

EVERIC® strong & smooth vials combine optimized geometrical strength with a surface that’s protected by a low-friction outer coating. Manufactured using an improved forming process with specialized inspection, EVERIC® strong & smooth vials are coated using a dip-coating process to produce the perfect match for improved line performance.

Transparent glass vial with close up of surface structure

Decrease risk while increasing line performance

EVERIC® strong & smooth vials can optimize your bulk fill-and-finish process by reducing the risk of breakage and reducing the final reject rate due to cosmetic defects. In addition, they can increase line speed thanks to smoother transport, reduction of blocking vials, and no sticking or climbing.

Smoothly through the production process

SCHOTT Pharma has run a series of tests to find out more about the glass vials’ tendency to break. The results show a significant increase of vial strength up to a factor of 4 and a decrease of cosmetic defects by 95%.

Smoothly through the production process with SCHOTT vials

Reduced rejects and increased speed

Using geometrical optimization, EVERIC® strong delivers an improved strength that’s within existing ISO tolerances, without the need to change the glass composition or apply additional chemical treatments.

  • EVERIC® smooth’s low-friction outer coating leads to an improved gliding behavior of the vials during bulk fill-and-finish

  • Sticking and climbing of the vials is prevented, interruptions are reduced, and the line speed can be increased

  • The outer coating protects the glass surface, resulting in a significant decrease of final rejects

  • When combined, EVERIC® strong & smooth vials deliver their full potential to increase efficiency on bulk fill-and-finish lines.

Icon ISO

Optimized strength: Rely on our unchanged glass matrix produced within existing ISO tolerances

Icon process

Increased line speed: Ensure a smoother and faster transportation due to optimized gliding behavior

Icon outer coating

Lower final reject rate: Reduce cosmetic rejects thanks to protective outer coating

Icon break resistance

Improved reliability: Conservation of improved strength by durable outer coating


EVERIC® strong & smooth with FIOLAX® OS for optimized strength

  • Processed using FIOLAX® OS (Optimized Strength) glass container material.

  • We offer a wide format range from 2R to 50R.

  • EVERIC® strong & smooth vials are available in bulk tray packaging.

  • EVERIC® strong & smooth vials have a TopLine quality level, with a dedicated, statistical in-production release test.

Non-sterile format

EVERIC® strong & smooth vials are available as non-sterile containers 

EVERIC® strong & smooth  vials come in standardized secondary packaging and are available in a non-sterile container. The vials need to be washed and sterilized prior to filling.   



	 Four elements of the SCHOTT adaptiQ® system for glass vials
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