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cartriQ® Ready-to-use pharmaceutical glass cartridges for peptide and protein-based injectables

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High-precision cartridges dedicated to performance

As a part of the SCHOTT iQ® Platform, cartriQ® is a highly accurate, high-quality ready-to-use (RTU) cartridge system. Able to be processed on a wide range of fill-and-finish equipment, cartriQ® remains nested throughout the entire process without any glass-to-glass contact. In addition, small-volume cartriQ® options are ideal for a broad range of hand-held injection devices.

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Optimal safety in professional and home care settings

CartriQ® is designed for hand-held injection devices such as pens and autoinjectors. These devices are commonly used for biologic drugs such as insulin, GLP-1, growth hormones such as somatropin, and follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH). SCHOTT Pharma’s cartriQ® also enables the transfer of drug administration from hospital to home care, allowing patients to inject drugs easily and safely in the comfort of their own home.

Superior functionality and dosage accuracy

Our cartriQ® cartridges are made out of highly resistant FIOLAX® clear CHR Type I Borosilicate Glass for best-in-class leachables performance. A state-of-the-art baked-on siliconization process ensures a low amount of free silicone. Tight dimensional tolerances that exceed ISO 13926 lead to superior functionality and dosage accuracy, while steam sterilization of the cartriQ® cartridges using pure water ensures minimal ecological impact.
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Compatible with all SCHOTT iQ® RTU formats, delivering maximum flexibility

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Compliant with all relevant industry standards for reduced complexity

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Minimized particle load, glass-to-glass contact, and container breakage for increased patient safety

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High quality packaging materials result in an exceptionally reliable solution


Container material, format, finish, quality and packaging

  • Container material: FIOLAX® clear CHR Type I Borosilicate Glass

  • Format: 1.5 ml and 3.0 ml

  • Finish: 8 mm for combi seals

  • Quality Level: TopLine

  • Packaging: pre-sterilized and RTU in a nest and tub configuration

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