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EVERIC® pure

Pharmaceutical glass vials for unmatched drug stability

Increased drug stability and delamination control for low fill volumes

The rising number of biologics is putting pressure on drug containment manufacturers to adapt to the needs of these sensitive drugs.

Standard vials often encounter increased leachable levels for low fill volumes, as well as an increased risk of pH shift and delamination. This is caused by a change in the inner surface of the near-bottom region of the vial in the conventional vial converting process.

The answer to these challenges is EVERIC® pure. Thanks to patented manufacturing technology, these vials provide a homogenous inner surface. The improved leaching behavior make this vial indispensable for drug stability needs.

Transparent glass vial with close up of surface structure

EVERIC® pure for aseptic filling

EVERIC® pure vials are ideal for sensitive and low-fill-volume drugs due to their proven stability.

EVERIC® pure vials also offer high stability for terminally sterilized formulations such as diluents, which require dedicated storage.

In addition, EVERIC® pure vials are ideally suited to water for injection (WFI) applications due to their low leachable level and ability to avoid pH shift.


The gold standard for drug stability

The wide range of advantages of EVERIC® pure vials reflects our dedicated manufacturing processes.

  • A unique low leachable level is particularly suitable for low-fill drugs.

  • SCHOTT Pharma’s  patented converting process ensures that delamination is under full control, resulting in no compromise of drug integrity.

  • EVERIC® pure vials offer lower pH shift and conductivity, ensuring product stability.

  • Unchanged glass composition means no re-registration is necessary.

Icon leachables

Reduced leachable level for low-fill drug products

Icon delamination

Controlled delamination ensures drug integrity is not compromised

Icon ph shift

Lower pH shift and conductivity results in stabilization of the most sensitive drug formulations

Icon documentation regulatory

Unchanged glass composition means no re-registration is required


EVERIC® pure vials – a strong portfolio for your low-fill-drugs

  • The exceptional FIOLAX® CHR glass tubing is used for all EVERIC® pure vials.

  • We offer a wide format range (2-50R) to provide the perfect solution for all types of drug.

  • EVERIC® pure vials are available in bulk tray packaging or adaptiQ® ready-to-use standardized packaging.

  • EVERIC® pure vials have a TopLine quality level, with a dedicated, statistical in-production release test (“Quicktest”) performed to control a low leachable level in the heel zone.

Sterile format

Ready-to-use EVERIC® pure

Using the highly standardized secondary packaging adaptiQ®, EVERIC® pure vials are available in a pre-washed and pre-sterilized ready-to-use (RTU) configuration.

Small batches of personalized medications and high-value pharmaceuticals often present challenges for fill-and-finish operations. Not only do they require higher quality containers, but they also require more flexibility, with frequent switching between different medications to avoid costly waste.

adaptiQ® vials can be processed on a variety of new and existing fill-and-finish lines, keeping vials nested throughout the process, including freeze-drying.



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