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SCHOTT Pharma Product Portfolio

Drug containment and drug delivery solutions to safely store injectable drugs

Drug containment and drug delivery solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry

We design advanced drug containment and drug delivery solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our portfolio ranges from syringes and cartridges to vials and ampoules, all made using Type I Borosilicate Glass and high-grade pharmaceutical polymer.

Glass and polymer syringes by SCHOTT Pharma

Syringes - Safe, simple, and reliable drug storage and injection

Whether made of glass or an advanced polymer, SCHOTT Pharma prefillable syringes (PFS) not only offer a highly stable, long-term storage solution for drugs, but also a safe and convenient delivery system for patients and clinicians.

Two glass cartridges by SCHOTT Pharma

Cartridges - Exceptionally accurate dosing

Robust, reliable, and compatible with a wide range of devices, SCHOTT Pharma’s cartridges dispense drugs in exceptionally accurate doses. From treating patients in emergency situations to self-administration by diabetes patients, they provide safe and easy-to-use drug delivery.

Three glass vials of different sizes by SCHOTT Pharma

Vials - Secure storage of liquid drug formulations

Made of Type I Borosilicate Glass, SCHOTT Pharma’s range of vials offer high chemical resistance for the secure storage of liquid drug formulations. Their accurate dimensions and superior cosmetic quality ensure an efficient fill-and-finish process and secure container closure integrity.

Two glass ampoules by SCHOTT Pharma

Ampoules - Safe and stable storage from production to procedure

Manufactured with Type I Borosilicate Glass, SCHOTT Pharma’s range of ampoules are characterized by high chemical resistance, accurate dimensions, tight cosmetic control, and drug stability until the point of use.


Drug containment solutions for rising biotech and biologic drug developers

For biotech companies, selecting the right drug container is especially challenging since in-house capabilities are focused primarily on R&D rather than selecting the optimal drug container. However, it is crucial to evaluate different primary packaging solutions early on in the drug development phase.


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