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cartriQ® Large Volume Ready-to-use pharmaceutical glass cartridges for large-volume injectables

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Cartridges for user-friendly performance

Highly accurate, top quality, sterile, and ready-to-use (RTU), cartriQ® Large Volume cartridges by SCHOTT Pharma raise standards for drug delivery systems, providing reliable, patient-friendly performance and safe and simple injectable drug delivery. As part of the SCHOTT iQ® Platform, they are delivered in an industry-standard nest and tub configuration, reducing the process steps for fill-and-finish operations.

SCHOTT Pharma’s cartriQ® Large Volume cartridges in nest and tub packaging

Designed for injecting biologics over a long time period

SCHOTT Pharma’s cartriQ® Large Volume cartridges are ideal for wearable on- and off-body devices for biologics in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Available ready-to-use in a 10 ml format (further formats in development), they offer a highly stable storage solution for storing large volumes of medication injected over a long period of time.


Learn more about primary packaging for wearable injection devices

Wearable large-volume injectors (LVI) have gained wider attention in the pharma industry. These new injection systems offer simple administration of biological drugs that require longer injection times due to higher volumes and/or higher viscosity. Read more in our latest report.

SCHOTT whitepaper on primary packaging for wearable injection devices

Exceptional stability, low free silicone, and highly customizable

cartriQ® Large Volume cartridges by SCHOTT Pharma offer a wide range of advantages that make them ideal for the latest wearable injection systems.

Not only does the superior chemical quality of SCHOTT FIOLAX® provide high drug stability for the most sensitive biologic, best-in-class siliconization ensures a low amount of free silicone and superior functionality. Available in a tub and nest configuration, these RTU cartridges also reduce the number of process steps in fill-and-finish operations and provide unparalleled flexibility for pharma companies.

Highly customizable, dimensions can be precisely adjusted upon request to match your drug delivery device and application.

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Effective steam sterilization without residue to provide high sterility for critical areas

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High drug stability for the most sensitive biologics with the superior quality of SCHOTT FIOLAX®

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Process steps in fill-and-finish operations reduced with our RTU cartridges in tub and nest configuration

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Customized dimensions to match your drug delivery device and application needs


Container material, format, finish, quality and packaging

  • Container material: FIOLAX® clear CHR Type I Borosilicate Glass

  • Formats: 5 ml cartriQ® for drug volumes of 3 - 7 ml & 10 ml cartriQ® for drug volumes of 7 - 11 ml 

  • Finish: 13 mm for serum stoppers

  • Quality Level: TopLine 

  • Packaging: pre-sterilized and RTU in a nest and tub configuration

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