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EVERIC® care Pharmaceutical glass vials for a broad pH range

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Protect your sensitive drugs with EVERIC® care

Glass leachables can cause stability issues for complex and sensitive injectable drugs such as biologics. This is a particular issue for drugs formulated in the high pH range, which presents a challenge for conventional packaging solutions.

To answer this challenge, EVERIC® care vials have a hydrophobic inner coating, applied using SCHOTT Pharma’s patented PICVD technology. This coating acts as a barrier, protecting sensitive drugs from glass leachables, even in the alkaline pH range.

EVERIC® care succeeds in maintaining the quality of your medications at all times, improving their effectiveness and increasing patient safety.

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Improve your drug stability with EVERIC® care

EVERIC® care vials enable you to safely fill and store your glass-leachable drugs that use buffers in the alkaline pH range. In most cases, this involves complex proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, which are often used in immunological therapies.

Effective protection even for drugs in the high pH range

EVERIC® care is the only Type I Borosilicate Glass vial that ensures low leachable levels for pharmaceutical products with a high pH.

  • The hydrophobic barrier coating reduces ion leaching, providing exceptional stability for your drugs, even in high pH conditions.

  • Improved dosage accuracy and residual emptying increase precision and reliability.

  • Reduced levels of protein adsorption, tested for individual drug formulations.

Icon drug stability

Drug stability in the most extreme conditions

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High dosage accuracy and residual emptying

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Low leachable levels, even in the alkaline pH range

Icon absorption

Reduced protein adsorption using high-quality coatings


EVERIC® care – For high chemical stability

  • All EVERIC® care vials are manufactured using FIOLAX® CHR (controlled hydrolytic resistance) glass tubing.

  • EVERIC® care vials are currently available in the 10R format, with more available soon.

  • Packaging options include bulk tray

  • TopLine quality level, with a dedicated, statistical in-production release test.

Non-sterile format

EVERIC® care vials are available as non-sterile containers 

EVERIC® care vials come in standardized secondary packaging and are available in a non-sterile container. The vials need to be washed and sterilized prior to filling. 

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