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Cartridges Break Resistant (BR) Pharmaceutical glass cartridges for demanding conditions

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Safe in all circumstances

In emergency situations, breakage of the primary drug packaging is simply not an option. SCHOTT Pharma's break resistant cartridges are a reliable packaging solution made to withstand the most demanding conditions and provide additional safety.

Maintaining standard dimensions, the chemically strengthened cartridge walls provide significantly higher resistance to mechanical stress. Safely stored, the cartridge content is ready for application when time is crucial and every second counts.

Clear glass pharmaceutical cartridge with illustration of the wall structure

Strong in challenging surroundings

SCHOTT Cartridges BR keep life-saving drugs secure. They are highly suitable for applications where the safe administration of the drug must be ensured under all circumstances.

SCHOTT Pharma’s break resistant cartridges are the ideal packaging solution for poison antidotes that require safe and immediate administration to the patient in emergency situations.


Safely stored and ready for application

In cartridges with chemically strengthened glass, life-saving medication is safely stored and ready for application when needed. Read more in our whitepaper.

First page of a whitepaper about the importance of cartridges with strengthened glass

Superior break resistance for maximum drug safety

The higher break resistance of the cartridges results from a series of sophisticated chemical glass hardening processes. To strengthen the glass matrix, sodium ions in the glass surface are exchanged with larger potassium ions in a potassium nitrate bath with FIOLAX®. The result makes a strong point.

  • Increased break resistance and drug protection.

  • Unchanged cartridge dimensions enable “drop-in” replacement, with no re-registration required.

  • Cost savings from a reduction in breakages and defects at the point of use.

  • Cartridge dimensions are customizable to specific auto injector requirements.

Icon Dummy Dual Chamber BReakresistant

Higher break resistance protects drugs from cartridge breakage

Dummy Dual Chamber

Simple drop-in replacement thanks to unchanged cartridge dimensions – no re-registration required

Icon Dummy Dual Chamber Less defects.

Less defects result in cost savings from breakage reduction

Icon Dummy Dual Chamber Easy Customizing

Customizable dimensions to specific auto injector requirements


SCHOTT Cartridges BR – a great fit for your drug

  • Container material: FIOLAX® clear Type I Borosilicate Glass

  • Format: customized upon request

  • Quality Level: StandardLine

  • Packaging: non-sterile in tray

Non-sterile format

Cartridges BR are available as non-sterile containers

SCHOTT Pharma's break resistant cartridges come in standardized secondary packaging and are available in a non-sterile container. The cartridges need to be washed and sterilized prior to filling.

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