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syriQ BioPure® Syringe for Biologics Ready-to-use prefillable glass syringes for biologics

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Self-injection devices: minimized risk of drug-container interaction for biologics

Complex biotech drugs face a variety of challenges when it comes to primary packaging. Any interaction between the drug and the prefilled syringe for biologics can impact stability and treatment efficiency. Ions may leach out of the glass, silicone may interact with the drug, and tungsten residues may cause protein degradation or aggregation.

syriQ BioPure® prefillable glass syringes (PFS) are manufactured using specially developed technology to ensure ultra-low residuals levels, minimizing the risk of drug-container interactions over the full product shelf life. Designed for optimum functionality and seamless device integration with autoinjectors and safety systems, syriQ BioPure® syringes for biologics offer safe and easy drug administration for the patient.

  syriQ BioPure® prefillable glass syringe for administering biotech drugs

The ideal syringe for sensitive biologics

syriQ BioPure® glass syringes from SCHOTT Pharma are the ideal solution for storing  and administering highly sensitive drugs such as complex biologics. Low, uniform silicone levels and tight dimensional specifications support consistent gliding forces and injection times, making syriQ BioPure® syringes highly suitable for autoinjector and homecare use.

Finding the right packaging for biologic drugs

The rapidly growing biologics market is influencing the development of new pharmaceutical primary packaging. New considerations must be taken into account to ensure the stability of the drug throughout its shelf life. In addition, patient care continues to shift from the clinic to a home environment. Read more about how syriQ BioPure® was designed and developed to meet these new requirements.

Cover of a SCHOTT whitepaper on how to find the right packaging for biologic drugs

Superior functionality and drug stability

syriQ BioPure® glass syringes for biologics are made of high-quality FIOLAX® Borosilicate Glass and offer superior functionality, safe and easy drug administration, and high levels of patient comfort. 

  • Low levels of particles and ultra-low tungsten and glue residuals.

  • Consistent gliding and injection force.

  • Tight dimensional specifications and geometrical tolerances.

  • Proven compatibility with safety devices and autoinjectors.

  • 360° support from a single source, including technical consulting, quality and compliance statements, and analytical services.

Icon low particle

Low particles and residuals for high drug stability

Icon reliable functionality

Consistent gliding and injection force even with highly viscous biologics

Icon compatibility

Proven compatibility with safety devices and autoinjectors

Icon 360 support

360° single-source support, including technical consulting, quality and compliance statements, and analytical services


syriQ BioPure® syringe for biologics: storing and injecting sensitive biologics

  • Made using high quality Type I FIOLAX® Borosilicate Glass.
  • Format options include 2.25 ml staked needle and 1ml lg staked needle, with more than 50 verified syringe configurations available.

  • Packaged in nest 100 (1ml lg + 2.25ml) or nest 160 (1ml lg).

Sterile format

Available pre-sterilized in a ready-to-use format

syriQ BioPure® prefillable glass syringes from SCHOTT Pharma are manufactured using a state-of-the-art, fully automated production process. The camera-controlled inspection delivers products with consistently high levels of functionality and low cosmetic defects for an efficient fill-and-finish process.

Ready-to-use syriQ BioPure® syringes in nest and tub packaging
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