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Diabetes Treatment


Packaging solutions for GLP-1 Type 2 diabetes treatment

SCHOTT Pharma offers a wide range of drug containment and drug delivery solutions for Type 2 diabetes (T2D) management, enabling pharmaceutical companies to focus on drug development while leaving drug-container interaction, shelf life, and administration to us. 

Sensitive GLP-1-based drugs such as GLP-1 RA peptides require advanced filling, storage and administration solutions for effective and safe insulin therapy for T2D. With a long history of pharmaceutical packaging, SCHOTT Pharma is your reliable partner for GLP-1-based diabetes treatment.


An alternative to insulin

The landscape of T2D treatment has evolved significantly over the past century. Traditional insulin therapies have long been a cornerstone in managing blood glucose levels for patients with T2D. However, advances in medicine have resulted in a range of GLP-1-based drugs and innovations.

These diabetic medicine advancements complement traditional insulin treatments by offering more options and flexibility. GLP-1-based drugs, for instance, mimic the actions of natural gut hormones to promote glucose control. These developments represent a promising step forward in the holistic approach to managing T2D, offering an increasing number of patients a broader spectrum of tools to tailor treatment strategies to their individual needs.

As the global demand for GLP-1-based drugs rises, a reliable container supply, smooth operations, and safe and easy self-administration become more crucial.
An alternative to Insulin
Product solution

The ideal container for your GLP-1-based diabetes treatment

Drugs to treat Type 2 diabetes are continually being improved and updated, but they all consist of tiny molecules that need to be stored safely from the point of filling until administration. Whether it’s GLP-1 RA drugs or the new generation of GLP-1-based medication, safe storage is vital for effectiveness and patient safety. SCHOTT Pharma is proud to offer a broad range of potential packaging solutions, all based on your individual needs. 


Prefillable syringes are the ideal containment and delivery solution for Type 2 diabetes management, whether that’s injecting a drug directly into the body or used in combination with an auto-injector for safe and comfortable self-administration. Part of the SCHOTT iQ® ready-to-use platform, SCHOTT Pharma’s syriQ BioPure® syringe is designed to protect sensitive high-value drugs.



Cartridges are the ideal container for self-administration using a pen-injector, and are available as either pre-sterilized and ready-to-use or in standard format, to be washed and siliconized in your own facility. Cartridges are especially suited to delivering multiple shots from a single device.



Available as part of the ready-to-use SCHOTT iQ® platform, SCHOTT EVERIC® pure vials are ideal as a simple and effective storage solution for GLP-1-based diabetes treatments. With minimum interaction between the glass container and rubber closure, your drug is stored safely throughout its entire shelf-life.


Supporting you during the regulatory registration process

After choosing your ideal drug containment or drug delivery solution, SCHOTT Pharma supports you throughout your regulatory registration process. We take care your selected product has regulatory availability in all countries where you intend to go to market. Different countries follow different registration processes, we will prepare you and your product to meet compliance with the respective international norms and standards, as well as country-specific laws and guidelines. 

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Strong compatibility

SCHOTT Pharma prioritizes patient convenience and accessibility, with all drug delivery solutions engineered to facilitate easy and precise drug administration. Strong compatibility ensures that they work seamlessly with a wide range of injection devices, whether it’s off-the-shelf pen injectors, auto injectors, or a number of other devices.

We understand the importance of patient confidence and safety in drug self-administration, and our commitment to compatibility reflects our dedication to enhancing the overall patient experience.

Smooth fill and finish

SCHOTT Pharma recognizes the importance of efficient fill-and-finish operations, and offers containment solutions that are designed for ease and simplicity. This minimizes downtime and drug waste. We also closely collaborate with the world’s leading fill-and-finish machine manufacturers to ensure smooth operation. 

With options for both standard bulk filling and ready-to-use filling, our flexibility optimizes your pharmaceutical production while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Improved fill-and-finish processes reduce total cost of ownership

In this whitepaper, we discuss how RTU packaging can reduce TCO, increase flexibility, improve time to market, and lower reject costs. Published in the March 2023 issue of European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.

Illustration of whitepaper Improved fill-and-finish processes reduce total cost of ownership

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Sustainable solutions for large-scale drug manufacturing and packaging

In any large-scale manufacturing operation, sustainable drug containment solutions and compliant waste management are important issues. SCHOTT Pharma is dedicated to providing integrated environmental approaches in our product and service solutions, and will support all customers in managing sustainability compliance within their supply chain. This includes: 

  • Services to facilitate customer reviews of SCHOTT Pharma’s sustainability performance and assessment of the product carbon footprint (PCF).
  • A sustainable procurement program using the third-party rating platform EcoVadis, providing quick and easy access to standardized information about our sustainability performance.
  • Product-specific carbon footprint assessment projects to promote the collaborative understanding of the emission contributions of your containment solution.

SCHOTT Pharma Containers made out of FIOLAX® Pro glass tubing – a pharmaceutical glass to be produced in an electric melting tank. This switch in glass melting technology plus the usage of green electricity can save e.g. up to 50% CO2 emissions of a 10ml vial.

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