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SCHOTT TOPPAC® Syringe for Sensitive Drugs Ready-to-use prefillable polymer syringes for sensitive drugs

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Syringe for sensitive drugs: keeping your biologics and other sensitive drugs stable

In all medical situations, care and vigilance are essential, but certain treatments demand extra thought and attention. SCHOTT TOPPAC® syringe for sensitive drugs are designed to keep biologics and other sensitive drugs stable and reduce contamination that could impact drug stability.

Made from a break-resistant and lightweight COC material, SCHOTT TOPPAC® sensitive drug syringes offer excellent barrier properties, no ion or heavy metal release, and low protein adsorption for increased drug shelf life. Taken with our extremely stringent production processes, patients will always receive high quality, safe, and effective medical treatment.

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Sensitive drug syringes :safe and effective storage for complex drugs

SCHOTT TOPPAC® syringe for sensitive drugs are designed to keep biologics and other sensitive drugs stable, reducing contamination such as extractables and leachables, free radicals, free silicone oil, and subvisible particles that could impact drug stability.

SCHOTT Pharma’s use of the low-impact sterilization methods EtO and steam sterilization, the latest and cleanest rubber formulations, and an immobilized cross-linked siliconization process that reduces free silicone oil and subvisible particles, makes these advanced glass-like syringes highly suitable for sensitive medications.


Increased drug stability and reduced contamination

SCHOTT TOPPAC® sensitive drugs syringes use pure elastomeric components for decreased levels of particle load and chemical extractables that are compliant with USP regulations. The inert COC material guarantees no ion or metal release, as well as low protein adsorption for increased drug stability and reduced contamination. In addition, SCHOTT TOPPAC® sensitive is manufactured with immobilized, cross-linked silicone, which results in less free silicone and fewer silicone droplets.
Icon drug stability

Inert COC material provides no ion or metal release and low protein adsorption

Icon pure elastomeric

Pure elastomeric components reduces particle load and chemical extractables

Icon safe and easy adminitration

Complies with USP regulations for a variety of drug segments

Icon low free silicone

Low free silicone thanks to immobilized cross-linked silicone used in manufacturing


Materials, sterilization, formats, and studies

  • Made using an advanced Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) material, which exhibits excellent barrier properties for water vapor and oxygen permeability, leading to longer drug shelf life.

  • COC material manufactured in accordance with EP, JP, and USP class VI (DMF 12132) standards. 

  • Sterilized using ethylene oxide (EtO) to reduce levels of free radicals and extractables.

  • Available in a range of formats from 1-10 ml.

  • Plunger made from 100% rubber steam-sterilized formulation.

  • Supported by extractable and biocompatibility studies. 

Sterile format

Available pre-sterilized in a ready-to-use format

SCHOTT TOPPAC® syringe for sensitive drugs are manufactured in a cleanroom environment using a state-of-the-art, fully automated production process – from injection molding to final packaging in a nest and tub. Using ready-to-use syringes such as SCHOTT TOPPAC® sensitive not only enables high-speed filling but also reduces the amount of complex drug-filling processes.

Sterile ready-to-use SCHOTT TOPPAC® sensitive syringes in nest and tub packaging
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