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Increase the efficiency and flexibility of your fill-and-finish operations with adaptiQ®

Made from the gold standard borosilicate glass, adaptiQ® vials come in a pre-washed and pre-sterilized ready-to-use (RTU) configuration. Offering a broad variety of vial sizes and vial types – such as standard vials and special vials – adaptiQ® is available in three distinct nest formats to ideally suit your filling requirements. Optimize your fill-and-finish processes and minimize costly rejects.

Processing challenges

Flexibility and efficiency in production can be challenging

Washing and depyrogenation

Washing and depyrogenation

The washing and depyrogenation of pharmaceutical vials requires substantial effort. Purchase, maintenance and running costs can be significant.

Glass-to-glass contact and particle load

Glass-to-glass contact and particle load

Particles can be created when glass containers rub against each other during transport and filling. Glass and other particles such as fibers or dust pose a severe threat to the patient.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

Fill-and-finish processes can be costly and it is necessary to evaluate the available options in order to optimize process costs and keep upfront investments in machinery to a minimum.

Optimizing production efficiency

Optimizing production efficiency

Inefficient processes increase downtimes. Especially changeovers between batches or instable production processes can significantly slow down fill-and-finish operations.

RTU filling solution

Whatever challenge you face in your processing, adaptiQ® will be the right solution for you

Developed in cooperation with innovative and highly regarded machine suppliers, adaptiQ® vials can be processed on a wide range of existing and new fill-and-finish lines. As a result, you can choose the ideal combination of vial, secondary packaging and filling line based on your products and processes for increased flexibility and efficiency.

  • Designed for full compliance with all relevant ISO standards

  • Pre-washed and pre-sterilized vials

  • Pre-tested with market-leading closure systems

  • No glass-to-glass contact

  • Full SCHOTT vial portfolio including SCHOTT EVERIC® pure and SCHOTT Type I plus® available in adaptiQ®

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In stock and ready to ship

adaptiQ® in stock and ready to ship. Order now!

Looking for small quantities that can be delivered with short delivery times, but don't want to do without high quality standards and professional support? Available in a tray, cup nest or clip nest configuration, adaptiQ® is ready to suit your needs. Up to 18 tubs in 2R, 6R, 10R and 20R as well as 50R in cup nest can be ordered directly via the SCHOTT Pharma Online Shop (EU, Switzerland, UK, US, Canada). Please contact us directly for further vial sizes or larger quantities.

adaptiQ® Fast Track Kits

The full set for your small-batch filling needs. Consisting of ready-to-use vials and a pre-tested stopper and cap solution, adaptiQ® Fast Track Kits provide you with all components needed to safely store your drug products.

They are ideal for pharmaceutical labs, universities and startups wanting to increase time to market. Benefit from outstanding reliability, convenience, flexibility and performance.


adaptiQ® fast track kits for small-batch filling needs

Interested in more science and technical information about adaptiQ®?

Besides the maximization of flexibility and efficiency on the fill-and-finish line, there are also more interesting things to learn about using adaptiQ® in processing. Our whitepaper will give you further insights into the adaptiQ® portfolio. Learn more about how high-performance, ready-to-use packaging components can significantly reduce particle contamination.

Cover of a scientific paper on how SCHOTT adaptiQ® can reduce particle contamination in glass vials

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