Our purpose is you: Because human health matters

User centricity, collaboration, smartness and visions are the core values of all SCHOTT Pharma employees. They guide us in designing solutions to ensure that medicines are safe and easy to access for people around the world. Together with you – our customers and partners – we strive for the best patient experience. For a simple reason, because human health matters.
User centricity

User centricity

By paying attention to the strictest quality control and the highest quality materials, we develop, manufacture, deliver and sell products with its users in mind.

User centricity is always the starting point of our journey. By continuously re-evaluating and recognizing new requirements, we ensure that our solutions remain dependable, effective and above all user centric. Because human health starts with individual needs.

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Syringes - Safe, simple, and reliable drug storage and injection

Whether made of glass or an advanced polymer, SCHOTT Pharma prefillable syringes (PFS) not only offer a highly stable, long-term storage solution for drugs, but also a safe and convenient delivery system for patients and clinicians.

Vials - Secure storage of liquid drug formulations

Made of Type I borosilicate glass, SCHOTT Pharma’s range of vials offer high chemical resistance for the secure storage of liquid drug formulations. Their accurate dimensions and superior cosmetic quality ensure an efficient fill-and-finish process and secure container closure integrity.

Cartridges - Exceptionally accurate dosing

Robust, reliable, and compatible with a wide range of devices, SCHOTT Pharma’s cartridges dispense drugs in exceptionally accurate doses. From treating patients in emergency situations to self-administration by diabetes patients, they provide safe and easy-to-use drug delivery.

Ampoules - Safe and stable storage from production to procedure

Manufactured with Type I borosilicate glass, SCHOTT Pharma’s range of ampoules are characterized by high chemical resistance, accurate dimensions, tight cosmetic control, and drug stability until the point of use.



Co-created developments and knowledge sharing will improve the lives of all. That's called COLLABORATION. Let’s join forces to develop solutions and services that work for everyone.

We realize that there is incredible value in finding co-thinkers to create better results for the benefit of all users. Sharing knowledge, discussing ideas from different perspectives and bringing in different strengths is key in our industry. We believe that collaboration across the industry will favour all of us, and it will drive us forward faster. Because human health takes a collaborative effort.

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SCHOTT Pharmaversity

Education by experts for experts in primary packaging solutions, SCHOTT Pharmaversity is an inspirational networking hub for pharmaceutical companies to gain exclusive insight and scientific knowledge of primary packaging from the world’s leading glass and polymer experts.

SCHOTT Pharma Service Portfolio

We support the life cycle of drugs, from research to the commercial phase. Our services range from developing solutions for drug containment and delivery to performing analytical tests and optimizing fill and finish processes, as well as providing sustainability and regulatory support.



Isn’t healthcare complicated enough? At SCHOTT Pharma, we believe in SMARTNESS by using intelligent solutions to simplify processes and make our industry more efficient.

We believe that the smartest solutions can get even smarter. This is why we invest in data-driven technology to ensure production processes are as efficient and safe as possible. Additionally, we focus on data-management and data tracking to make sure that every patient gets the needed medicine safely and in time. Because human health relies on smarter technologies.

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Track and Trace Solution

A fully traceable, but also easy to implement solution to track primary packaging along the entire value chain.


With Smart Skin you can optimize the fill & finish performance to reduce glass breakage, bruising and micro fractures.



What’s the future of healthcare? Our customers and partners submitted their VISIONS of the future healthcare market. Explore these visions below.

Every day, we will not be satisfied with what we have reached so far. It needs visions, creative ideas, and courage. Being a pioneer in primary packaging containers also creates an obligation to explore and invest in the future of our business. We now lay the foundations to make visions come true. To be a reliable partner for all our customers and partners – locally and globally. Because human health needs a vision for the future.

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