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SCHOTT Pharma’s digital platform “world of innovations” provides insights into the latest packaging innovations for the pharmaceutical industry. Get a deep glimpse into our innovative portfolio and discover our products and solutions in a 3D-experience.

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To get a better idea of what to expect of SCHOTT Pharma’s interactive innovation experience, you can find a thorough overview over the latest product innovations here.

A glass prefillable syringe in front of a sensitive drug molecule.

Safe administration for sensitive drugs

Sensitive and highly sensitive biologics are difficult to store and often prone to interact with commonly used packaging elements. However, re-designing an established primary packaging container can involve expensive and time-consuming approval processes. Explore how a glass PFS can save costs and shorten time-to-market by ensuring compatibility with various types of biologics.

Pharmaceutical glass vial with a laser code on the bottom plus microscopic view of the code

Easy track and trace throughout fill-and-finish

Make every container on your filling line identifiable and traceable. Trust in laser marked codes on your container, which are 100% durable and can be easily integrated into your existing fill-and-finish lines without compromising line speed.

Pharmaceutical EVERIC® pure glass vial showing a coating via magnifying glass effect

Packaging sensitive drugs with a wide range of pH-values

A modular vial system with unmatched drug stability that reduces the risks and improve your line performance to meet the high demands of today's and future pharmaceutical developments.

Nested glass vials over industry standard white tub

Flexible and efficient processing of RTU vials

Producing pharmaceutical products involves sophisticated fill-and-finish processes. But what if we could reduce complexity and increase flexibility concurrently for different machinery concepts?

A 50ml COC polymer prefillable syringe including tip cap and plunger rod

A PFS for intravenous drug applications

Ensure that infusion therapy is simpler and safer, especially in high demanding hospital surroundings. With prefillable polymer syringes patients always get the right concentration of the right drug at the right dose.


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