Minimizing medical errors in emergency situations - SCHOTT TOPPACĀ® infuse

Intravenous medications are a pivotal drug class that are used in many critical hospital treatments, for example on ICUs or in Operation Rooms. In these surroundings, the risk for medical errors, such as giving the wrong drug or the wrong dose can create a life-threatening situation for the patient. Especially in emergencies, the drug administration often has to be done very fast and, thus, time-consuming multi-step preparation by health care professionals need to be minimized. Pre-filled containers, and here particularly pre-filled syringes, are a highly preferred solution by the hospital staff to avoid exactly these kind of errors that could risk the patient’s lives. This session will evaluate what makes a high-quality COC pre-filled syringe being an easy-to-use-solution, outlining not only the advantages of COC as a material, but also discuss the compatibility with key hospital devices, such as syringe pumps and needless connectors and additional innovative solutions like tamper evidence. The session will also show how the general trend in the field of compounding to switch to high-quality pre-filled containers improves the overall drug shelf life, ease of use for nurses and physicians as well as the overall patient safety for various medications in this field.