SCHOTT Pharma reports good start into fiscal year 2024

Thursday, February 29, 2024, Mainz, Germany

  • Q1 2024 revenues of EUR 232m; increase of 8% yoy at constant currencies
  • Q1 2024 EBITDA margin of 27.9% at constant currencies
  • Share of strong-margin high-value solutions (HVS) further increased to 53%
  • Guidance for fiscal year 2024 confirmed
SCHOTT Pharma, a pioneer in pharma drug containment solutions and delivery systems, had a good start into the fiscal year 2024¹. In the first quarter, the company achieved revenues of EUR 232m (Q1 2023: EUR 225m), corresponding to an increase of 8% at constant currencies and a reported growth rate of 3%. This performance led to an EBITDA margin of 27.9% at constant currencies, and is thus approximately at the previous year's level. The reported EBITDA benefited from currency tailwinds and totaled EUR 73m. This resulted in an EBITDA margin of 31.3%, an increase of more than 3 percentage points year-over-year. “We started the new fiscal year on a high note with both business segments showing positive development. As expected, our Drug Delivery Systems business continued to grow strongly. This proves that our strategy focusing on high-value solutions is the right one. In addition, our Drug Containment Solutions business achieved a good profitability with a margin at the previous year’s level. On this basis, we are embarking on another successful year for SCHOTT Pharma,” said Andreas Reisse, CEO of SCHOTT Pharma.  
Andreas Reisse, CEO SCHOTT Pharma, and Dr. Almuth Steinkühler, CFO SCHOTT Pharma
Andreas Reisse, CEO, and Dr. Almuth Steink├╝hler, CFO of SCHOTT Pharma. Image: SCHOTT Pharma/Oana Szekely
“Building on last year's growth momentum, we had a successful start to 2024 considering the high comparative basis from the previous year. We were able to achieve a strong margin particularly through economies of scale. While we are very pleased with this development, we expect it to normalize over the course of the year. Overall, we are well on track to achieve our full-year guidance,” said Dr. Almuth Steinkühler, CFO of SCHOTT Pharma.

Strategy execution continues to drive growth

In the first quarter of 2024, SCHOTT Pharma achieved several milestones along its strategy of innovation and expansion, demonstrating its commitment to growth.

On the innovation side, SCHOTT Pharma focused on commercializing large volume polymer syringes for wearable injectors. These 10 ml, 20 ml or 50 ml syringes are suitable for storing high-value biologics used for homecare treatments of autoimmune diseases. The company is thereby addressing a major pharma trend, which allows patients to self-administer medications in the comfort of their home, while reducing costs for the healthcare system.  

SCHOTT Pharma is also responding to growing market demand by expanding its global production network. For example, the construction of the new state-of-the-art factory in Hungary is well on track and the company plans to inaugurate it later this year. The new site will manufacture prefillable glass syringes, which are used to safely store a wide range of drugs, such as GLP-1, vaccines, and biologics. In addition, the company is investing a double-digit million euro amount in a new best-cost production site for pharma drug containment solutions in Serbia. With the new site, SCHOTT Pharma is able to free up capacity for its HVS portfolio at the site in Hungary. The ramp-up of manufacturing lines in Serbia is expected to start in the course of 2024.

Growth in Q1 fueled by the DDS segment and high demand for HVS

Q1 revenue growth was mainly driven by the Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) segment, which saw a significant increase in revenues thanks to high demand for prefillable syringes. DDS revenues amounted to EUR 103m, an increase of 25% at constant currencies or reported basis, respectively. This growth was possible due to the rapid and successful expansion of production capacities to meet the strong demand from customers and confirms the strategic focus on HVS. As a result, the revenue from HVS rose to 53%, an increase of 8 percentage points compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Revenues for the Drug Containment Solutions (DCS) segment accounted for EUR 129m, impacted as expected by the temporary destocking effect for vials on the customer side. This translated into a decrease of 3% at constant currencies, or 10% as reported, compared to the first quarter of the previous year.  

Very strong profitability due to the shift to HVS and economies of scale from capacity expansion

With an EBITDA margin of 27.9% on a constant currency basis, SCHOTT Pharma achieved good profitability in Q1 at approximately the previous year’s level, and slightly above market expectations. This development was mainly driven by the strong EBITDA performance in the DDS segment with an increase of 19% at constant currencies, or 21% as reported. This increase reflects the significant increase in revenues and the associated operating economies of scale. The DCS segment achieved an EBITDA of EUR 26.9m, which was up 5% on a constant currency basis and down 7% on a reported basis. Compared to revenue, the stronger EBITDA development was mainly due to initiated efficiency measures.

For Q1 2024, the company’s profit for the period came in at EUR 45m, resulting in 17% growth year-on-year.

Investments in the first quarter totaled EUR 28m, of which the largest share were growth investments. The free cash flow amounted to EUR 37m, which was EUR 30m up from the first quarter in fiscal year 2023. SCHOTT Pharma’s strong cash generation enabled the company to self-fund its high-growth investments.


Based on the strong Q1 2024 results, SCHOTT Pharma is well on track to achieve its full year guidance: At constant currencies, the company expects an organic revenue growth of 9% to 11% and an EBITDA margin approximately at prior year’s level. The most important pharma trends that SCHOTT Pharma meets with its products will continue to serve as growth drivers for the company. These include primarily GLP-1, mRNA, homecare, ADCs, subcutaneous administration of drugs, and the ready-to-use manufacturing transformation of pharma companies. In addition, the company continuously works on the development of new solutions to ensure the safe and easy storage and administration of injectable drugs to patients all over the world.

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Key figures Q1 2024

(in EUR m) Q1 23 Q1 24 Δ yoy Q1 24 (cc2) Δ yoy (cc2)
225 232 3% 242 8%
HVS revenue share   45%  53%  8pp  -  -
EBITDA  63  73  15%  67  7%
EBITDA margin (in %)  28.1%  31.3%  3.2pp  27.9%  -0.2pp
EBIT  51  58  14%    
EBIT margin (in %)  22.5%  25.0%  2.5pp    
Cash flow from operating activities   28  66  38    
Cash flow from investing activities  -20  -29  -8    
Free cash flow  8  37  30    
Total cash CAPEX  -20 -28   -8    
Earnings per share (in EUR)  0.25  0.29  16%    

1The fiscal year runs from October to September. Q1 2024 therefore relates to the period from October 2023 to December 2023.

2CC = at constant currencies


Andreas Reisse (CEO) and Dr. Almuth Steinkühler (CFO) will speak at an analyst and investor conference call at 11:00 a.m. CET on 29 February 2024 to discuss the Q1 2024 results. The audio webcast can be followed via a conference call. The accompanying presentation can also be downloaded on the IR website.
Seven different prefillable polymer syringes on a dark background.

Prefillable polymer syringes from SCHOTT Pharma come in a range of volumes from 1-50 ml. Image: SCHOTT Pharma/Oana Szekely

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An employee in cleanroom clothing checks a prefillable glass syringe under light.

An employee inspects a prefillable glass syringe. Image: SCHOTT Pharma/Oana Szekely

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About SCHOTT Pharma

Human health matters. That is why SCHOTT Pharma designs solutions grounded in science to ensure that medications are safe and easy to use for people around the world. The portfolio comprises drug containment solutions and delivery systems for injectable drugs ranging from prefillable glass and polymer syringes to cartridges, vials, and ampoules. Every day, a team of over 4,600 people from over 60 nations works at SCHOTT Pharma to contribute to global healthcare. The company is represented in all main pharmaceutical hubs with 16 manufacturing sites in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. With over 1,000 patents and technologies developed in-house and a state-of-the-art R&D center in Switzerland, the company is focused on developing innovations for the future. SCHOTT Pharma AG & Co. KGaA is headquartered in Mainz, Germany and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as part of the SDAX. It is part of SCHOTT AG, which is owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation. In light of this spirit, SCHOTT Pharma is committed to sustainable development for society and the environment and has the strategic goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2030. Currently, SCHOTT Pharma has over 1,800 customers including the top 30 leading pharma manufacturers for injectable drugs and generated revenue of EUR 899 million in the fiscal year 2023.

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