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The full range of pharma services and analytics to safely bring drugs to market

Pharma services and analytics for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry

We support the life cycle of drug development, from the research phase to the commercial. Our services range from developing solutions for drug containment and delivery, to performing analytical tests, and optimizing fill-and-finish processes, as well as providing sustainability and regulatory support.

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Containment and drug delivery

SCHOTT Pharma’s drug containment and delivery services provide a complete solution for packaging development to match your specific needs. Whether you are developing a new drug product or planning a life cycle innovation, we offer a full suite of services, from initial design and prototyping of both primary and related packaging components, to GMP-compliant documentation.

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SCHOTT Pharma’s analytics services validate the suitability of a containment solution for your specific drug products. From material compliance and functionality to drug-container interaction, SCHOTT Pharma experts fully understand container selection and data-driven drug applications. We combine our unique knowledge of containment solutions with processes to match all pharma-specific requirements.

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SCHOTT Pharma’s fill-and-finish services offer solutions for small-sample filling and closing in the early stages of production, as well as analytics to ensure compatibility between packaging, containers, and line equipment. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we help commercial manufacturers optimize container processing while maximizing output and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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SCHOTT Pharma’s regulatory services help drug product and medical device owners gather the information required to register containment systems. SCHOTT Pharma ensures the global availability of information, in compliance with evolving international regulations and standards, as well as country-specific laws and guidelines.

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SCHOTT Pharma’s sustainability services develop solutions to minimise emissions and ensure that resources are used responsibly. SCHOTT Pharma experts collaborate with pharmaceutical companies on product-specific ways to minimize the carbon footprint and the environmental impact.


Drug containment solutions for rising biotech and biologic drug developers

For biotech companies, selecting the right drug container is especially challenging since in-house capabilities are focused primarily on R&D rather than selecting the optimal drug container. However, it is crucial to evaluate different primary packaging solutions early on in the drug development phase.


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