Pharmaceutical fill-and-finish machine with DNA strand

Fill-and-Finish services

Support for the processing of containment solutions from small to commercial scale

Enabling early-stage sample filling and efficient commercial fill-and-finish

For customers without the capability for sample filling, SCHOTT Pharma can fill syringes, cartridges and vials for early-stage testing. Sample preparation and storage capabilities allow engineers to test and examine the interdependencies between fill-and-finish processes and accelerated aging of drug-container interaction under controlled laboratory conditions.

One key aspect for the long-term success of SCHOTT Pharma customers is the compatibility of our containment solutions with efficient commercial processing, which is why we consider process compatibility a key priority in solution design. SCHOTT Pharma offers a number of services to assure compatibility and optimize line efficiency, including:

  • Compatibility assessment for a systematic review of compatibility between secondary packaging, containment solution, and line equipment.
  • Toolbox and consultancy for a systematic review of the origins of glass breakage and cosmetic defects, plus line maintenance.
Vial on a filling line

OEE optimization consultancy for fill-and-finish

Achieve maximum reliability for your line output by working with SCHOTT Pharma’s experts, combining the strength of sensor drone measurements from Smart Skin Technologies with our unique expertise in glass analytics.

Joint line assessment and sensor drone investigations enable easy identification of potentially critical locations for container damage specific to your line. Based on glass analytics, SCHOTT Pharma’s team helps to identify critical issues, collect additional insights on root causes, and assess potential optimization measures.

Sample Locations on filling line

Benefit from our fill-and-finish expertise

Using our long-term experience of containment solutions, we understand that many problems do not occur at just one customer site. With each additional case, we have gained insight, improved best practices, and built a growing network of industry experts.

At SCHOTT Pharma, we are happy to share our knowledge to make your project a success. Contact us to find out more about our fill-and-finish services.

Early-stage capabilities – Use SCHOTT Pharma’s filling line to produce your samples quickly and investigate the influences of process parameters under laboratory conditions.

Expertise in fill-and-finish – Our experts provide orientation on best practices and state-of-the-art concepts for fill-and-finish processes related to our products.

Strong partner network – Our global networks include leading industry experts and companies able to solve complex challenges.

Unique glass expertise – Our heritage is material expertise. Collaborate with us to optimize your insights into material and processing challenges.

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